Delek Group contributes to and participates in a wide range of community activities, both independently and through its subsidiaries. As a community leader, the Group is committed to the principles of corporate responsibility in social and environmental aspects. The community activities of most of the Group’s companies are managed through the Delek Science, Education and Culture Foundation Ltd. (“Delek Foundation”). Together with the Foundation’s financial donations, Group employees and managers take part in voluntary activities in the community.

In addition to its monetary donations, the Group focuses its corporate responsibility activities on promoting education and supporting youth in Israel. The Delek Foundation works towards these ends through several channels:

  • Support for the “Ehad Meshelanu,” a pre-military program that prepares at-risk youth for military service. The program has achieved outstanding enlistment rates, with 94% of its graduates enlisting for military service, and 85% volunteering for combat duty. These results have led the Delek Foundation to increase its support, creating a second branch which has enabled the enrollment of an additional 30 students in the boarding-school program. Through this venture, Group employees volunteer individually and collectively in the community, working directly with students on joint projects that achieve the program’s vision.
  • Scholarship program: for 17 years, the Group has ben awarding hundreds of scholarships each year to underprivileged students.
  • Support for the “Adopt a Soldier” organization: The Group supports the “Adopt a Border Guard” unit of the ‘Adopt a Soldier’ organization, a non-profit created to support combat soldiers.
  • Israel’s Olympic Committee: The Group sponsored the Israeli Olympic Delegation to the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016, providing personal sponsorship to athletes Neta Rivkin (rhythmic gymnast), Amit Ivri (swimmer), and Nimrod Mashiach (surfer), each of whom demonstrated outstanding achievements during and after the Games.

Delek Group is proud to be a member of Maala, an organization that promotes corporate responsibility in Israel.