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Delek Benelux

100% held by Delek Europe

Chairman: Ilan Shaffir
CEO: Boaz Chechik
In May 2007, Delek Benelux acquired Chevron’s retail operations in the Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands). These operations consist of various fuel stations under the Texaco brand and other stations, under private brands. Additionally there is commercial fuel sales business and a proprietary Texaco Benelux fuel card. 
The marketing activities are carried out via several channels: 
  • Fuel stations owned or leased for the long term and operated by Delek
  • Fuel stations owned or leased for the long term and operated by third parties
  • Fuel stations owned or leased by third parties and operated by them
  • Holdings in one joint venture (independently operated company that markets fuel)
  • Authorized Distributors – supplying fuel to wholesalers which independently sell fuel to small-medium enterprises, to residential customers and to service stations
Delek network consist approximately 825 fuel stations, nicely spread over the three countries of the Benelux, including many sites on highways. The fuel sites includes 580 various convenience stores, fast-food restaurants and car wash facilities.
All sites are equipped with card payment facilities and Delek does issue a proprietary fuel card (Texaco Benelux Card).
In addition, the company has one joint venture located in Belgium that operates a storage location.

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Kobi Shmerler
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