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Delek Automotive Systems Ltd.
Delek Group holds 24% of Delek Automotive Systems, a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Delek Automotive Systems holds 100% of Delek Motors Ltd.

Delek Motors Ltd.
Held 24% by Delek Group
Chairman: Avinoam Finkelman
CEO: Gil Agmon

Delek Motors has been the exclusive importer and distributor of Mazda cars in Israel since 1991. Following its success with the Mazda brand, Delek Motors also became the exclusive importer and distributor of Ford and Lincoln vehicles in 1999.

Its dynamic marketing program and high standard of customer service has made Mazda the best-selling brand in the Israeli market every consecutive year since the last quarter of 1995. The same standards of excellence have been implemented to the Ford franchise and Ford for a number of years has been the countries most popular European brand. The company operates showrooms in 16 locations across the country including one at its new 120,000 square meter headquarters located close to Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport. Delek Motors has enjoyed an overall market share of over 22% in the last few years.

In December 13, 2011, Delek Motors has completed the purchase of 100% of Kamor Motors Ltd shares. Kamor Motors is the exclusive importer and distributer of BMW cars in Israel.

Contact Delek Automotive Systems
Ms Ronit Bachar
Moshav Nir Zvi
72905, Israel
Tel: +972 8 9139999
Fax: +972 8 9139991
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